Take A Roll - The Roll Gear

As the story goes, there was once a mother who bought her children delicious milkshakes. The children were, of course appreciative and excited. In their excitement, one of the children lost their grip on the precious treat and spilled it all about the car. The mother, now flustered and disappointed, reached back behind the seat for the roll of paper towels she kept for such occasions, only to find the roll had suffered a direct hit from the milkshake bomb rendering it useless in mitigating this disaster.

Then, it came to her, like a bolt of lightning. Her paper towels needed a shield, a dirt buffer, filth armor, a guard against airborne semi-frozen dairy products!

It was here, in this moment in time that Take-A-Roll was born! Now after years of painstaking research, prototyping and testing, we are ready to bring this revolutionary towel holder to you!

We are a small, woman owned American company located in Alabama. We have worked hard to develop and produce a high quality product and we want to keep our customers happy. If you need assistance you can reach us at 256-836-0533 or by completing the contact form below.